Meet Your Homecoming Attendants 2022 by Kailey Blanton

2022 attendants

  I’m happy to present this year’s Homecoming Attendants for 2022. For our freshman attendant, we have Calleigh Stoner whose parents’ names are Erica and Bill Stoner. She has a little brother named Wyatt and two dogs named Tinker and Remy. She plays soccer, runs track, and helps out with the youth soccer league. Calleigh was in awe and surprised that she was chosen for freshman attendant. She is a little nervous but is very excited about this great opportunity. Calleigh is hoping to gain self-confidence from this experience and is honored to be picked by her fellow classmates. A few words from Calleigh, “Let’s beat the Bulldogs!”

        Next, we have sophomore attendant Payten Hageman. Payten has two brothers, one older and one younger. She plays volleyball, basketball, and throws the shot and disc in track. Payten was shocked that she was chosen. She is very excited to represent her class and hopes this experience will gain her leadership skills. Payten is looking forward to watching the homecoming game, walking with her parents on the field, and her speech.  A few words from Payten: “ Go Tigers beat Bulldogs!! I know this is going to be fun”. 

    Our junior attendant is Reese Kessler. She has a little sister named Raley,  Reese said she enjoys “spending a lot of free time with my sister, she is very interesting”. Reese also plays softball and volleyball, is drum major in the band, and loves to read. Reese didn’t think she was going to get chosen by her class but was surprised when she did. Resse is so happy and excited that her class chose her this year. Reese hopes to be able to connect with everyone that does sports, band, and other activities. To reach out to everyone to just be yourself you can do it all if you put your mind to it. A few words from Reese, “Keep being great and go Tigers!”

     And finally the senior attendant this year is Madison Amstutz. She is the oldest among her four other siblings. Madison likes to bowl, golf, play volleyball and watch Emerson Gerken high jump in track. Madison was so excited to be chosen this year but is nervous about making her speech. Madison hopes this opportunity will boost her confidence. Madison is looking forward to the football game, riding in the car, and getting all dressed up. A few words from Madison “Go Tigers beat Bulldogs!!!”