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allison postl

Allison Postl
Liberty Center Elementary School - Principal

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Benchmark Testing

The elementary utilizes NWEA MAP testing three times a year (fall, winter and spring).  This norm-referenced test allows us to determine students' strengths and weaknesses in addition to measuring student growth over the year.

Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans (RIMP) for students in grades 1-3 are determined by their fall NWEA MAP reading scores. Students who score below the pre-determine on-track cut-off score set forth by the state, will be placed on a RIMP. The school can elect to place students on a RIMP if they feel it would be beneficial for the student and their reading success.

RIMP Grade Level Assessment On-Track RIT Score:

  • Kindergarten MAP Growth K-2: 130
  • 1st grade MAP Growth K-2: 149
  • 2nd grade MAP Growth: 165
  • 3rd grade MAP Growth: 178

* Students who score below the above on-track scores on NWEA MAP, must be placed on a RIMP.

To learn more, go to NWEA MAP