Elementary Principal

allison postl

Allison Postl
Liberty Center Elementary School - Principal

419-533-2604, Ext 5401

New Curriculum

This is the third year the elementary is implementing the American Reading Company (ARC)! Watch this video to see why we love ARC, and why it's been a good fit for our school.


Benchmark Testing

The elementary utilizes NWEA MAP testing three times a year (fall, winter and spring).  This norm-referenced test allows us to determine students' strengths and weaknesses in addition to measuring student growth over the year.

Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plans (RIMP) for students in grades 1-3 are determined by their fall NWEA MAP reading scores. Students who score below the pre-determine on-track cut-off score set forth by the state, will be placed on a RIMP. The school can elect to place students on a RIMP if they feel it would be beneficial for the student and their reading success.

RIMP Grade Level Assessment On-Track RIT Score:
Kindergarten MAP Growth K-2: 132
1st grade MAP Growth K-2: 151
2nd grade MAP Growth: 170
3rd grade MAP Growth: 181
* Students who score below the above on-track scores on NWEA MAP, must be placed on a RIMP.

To learn more, go to NWEA MAP